Is there any reason for the permissibility of chest beating and self-hitting of some Muslims that is done in Muharram and other times?
Please explain to me why some Muslims beat their chest and hit themselves during Muharram? Isn't it haram to hit or hurt yourself? Do we have any example for the Prophet doing this? Did any Imams hit themselves because of the martyrdom of a person?


Mourning for Imam Husein (as) is one of the highest forms of worship, and doing anything for him that is considered a form of mourning in culture and society is permissible, unless it really brings about a considerable amount of harm to the body, or is a means of the undermining of the Shia and the Ahlul-Bayt’s school of thought; chest beating is none of the two, so it is permissible. Because of none of the above applying to it, and since it is a form of lament and mourning for that great imam (as), it is mustahabb.

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