Is it mandatory to pause a little after recitation, before going to ruku’? What is the ruling of the qiyam connected to ruku’?
Please answer the following questions: 1. Is a short pause and wait obligatory after the recitation of both surahs, before going to ruku’? Or is it permissible to immediately go to ruku’ without taking a short pause or without saying the recommended dhikr of takbir? 2. Please explain the ruling of the qiyam connected to ruku’.


Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani’s answer is as follows:


1. It is permissible to perform ruku immediately after recitation; there is no need to say the recommended dhikr, although of course it is mustahab.


2. What is meant by the qiyam connected to ruku’ is to go to ruku’ from qiyam (the standing position). Therefore if someone accidentally goes down to sajdah but remembers s/he has not performed ruku’ yet before reaching sajdah, s/he must stand up straight and then do ruku’ and abstain from going to ruku’ straight from the bended position s/he was previously in.